I had my third baby girl and decided I wanted some more natural type toys, things that were practical, beautiful and preferably wooden. So began the hunt! The more I researched and found things I loved the more I wanted to start my own business to make these gorgeous things available to others…so Blue Petal Co was born!

Blue Petal Co is focussed on wooden baby décor, teethers and hair bows for little ones, with a hope to expand to clothing in the future.

After much research into the wooden and silicone teethers and their safety I found Autumn + Arabella, another mum in business who provides a gorgeous range of handmade and chewable teething toys. The teethers are non-toxic, baby safe (being made from natural antibacterial wood and food grade silicones) and a great alternative to the plastic, commercial products available. Most importantly, once my baby girl got a hold of one, she wouldn’t put it down!

It was then I knew I was onto something that I hope to continue for a long time yet.

Thank you for your support, I really appreciate it.